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Dental Research Center of Isfahan School of Dentistry was established with suggestions and efforts of a group of faculty members in 2003. With growing number of researches and need for a more spacious place, center’s main location was transferred to the newly constructed building number 2.

This research center has gone through many developments and changes since its establishment. In this short period of time, extra labs such as cellular, microbial, dental materials and fluoride reference lab have been running in this center which enabled the center to collaborate in various studies and research projects. 

The newly established department of dental research center building with clinical research section, operation ward, amphitheater and multiple labs was exploited in May 2011 with collaborations from Loma Linda university and professor Torabinejad.

This is the second research center for dental clinical studies worldwide, which is situated in a big complex with various modern day facilities and equipment for medical and dental research studies.

Happy Norooz

Celeberating Norooz, Persian New Year

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