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1-Comprehensive Syllabus of Community-based Dentistry

Author: Dr.S.E.Jabbarifar

2-Community-based Dentistry 2- Fundamentals of Oral and Dental Health 

Author:   Dr.S.E.Jabbarifar

3-Community-based Dentistry and a Review on Behavioral Science and Oral and Dental Health

Author: Dr.S.E.Jabbarifar

4-Community-based Dentistry 3-Research and Practical Statistics in Oral and Dental health 

Authors:  Dr.S.E.Jabbarifar, Dr.R.Birang, Dr.N.Bashardoost, Dr. M.Khordi

5-Hygienic Oral and Dental Products 1-Toothpastes, Mouthwashes, Chewables

Authors: Dr.A.Moghareabed, Dr.R.Birang

6_E-book of Occupational Injuries with Emphasis on Dentist’s Occupational Injuries 

Author: Dr.M.Khoroushi



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